dinsdag 11 september 2012

Chrome & IE “page cannot be displayed” error


Chrome additional info: Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

You might ever have seen this message’s, okay you could have seen them in English but I’m current on a dutch system.

image image

What is happening in my case? I’m using Windows 8 with Hyper-V installed. Having a Wireless Internal NIC and created 2 virtual LAN’s in Hyper-V ExternalNetwork & InternalNetwork.


The ExternalNetwork shares the local WIFI NIC with the Hyper-V Virtuals and has Internet Access. The Internal(lokaal)Network is only sharing local network trafic between my notebook and Hyper-V virtuals.

At my current WIFI network I received a 10.X.X.X IP and gateway address to join the Internet. My InternalNetwork is also using a 10.X.X.X IP and a gateway address also with 10.X.X.X gateway difference from the ExternalNetwork Gateway.

When starting IE or Chrome and browsing the Internet the browser is trying to get there true one of the given networks. It seems to be choosing the InternalNetwork instead of the ExternalNetwork and because the gateway & DNS IP points to my Virtual DNS server it will not be able to resolve anything.

Solutions on the Internet say to use:

  • route print and then delete the incorrect route with route delete (open a administrative command prompt and give it a try)

It didn’t work for me but I could be doing something wrong.

My solution:

  1. Start Control Panel
  2. Network and Internet
  3. Network Center
  4. Change Adapter Settings
  5. Select Properties for the InternalNetwork
  6. Select Properties for the TCP/IP Protocol, I have only IPv4 enabled
  7. Go to the Advanced section
  8. Remove the current gateway and add a new one with a Metric set below 30

Hope you enjoy this blog! When you have comments, better solution and recommendation I like to hear from you.

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