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Visual Studio 2008 and Team Foundation Server 2010 Errors TF31002 & TF30335

At my current customer I’m looking for a tool to use with Visual Studio 2008 (VS2008 or BIDS 2008) and source control.

I have been trying TortoiseSVN with VisualSVN Server (free edition). I do like the combination but there is no real checkout structure that directly locks sources for other developers. Also TortoiseSVN does not interact with VS2008. I did take a look at the VisualSVN client that there for free, but did not like the interaction with VS2008. (this might be personal). Also I like the Server side of the source control to be able to interact with Active Directory, this is possible with VisualSVN when upgrading to the paid edition. Also remote management is available in VisualSVN only for the paid edition.

So let’s take a look at Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS2010) and the use with BIDS 2008.

My starting point was that I had VS2008 already installed and added Service Pack1 (SP1). Installed the trial edition of TFS2010 as a single server deployment.

The TFS2010 (ISO) installation media only contains Team Explorer 2010, first installed that on my client. This is not compatible with VS2008, it does not show up in the tools or add-in sections in VS2008.

The next thing to do is to download Team Explorer 2008 (TE2008):

After installation of the TE2008 client I started VS2008 again, I now have available “Connect to Team Foundation Server” in the VS2008 Tools menu.

Let’s click, the below dialog box appears:

Click Servers, the below dialog box appears:

Click Add, the below dialog box appears. I inserted the desired values already.

After clicking OK I receive a error message TF31002

I’m sure that this is not the case, so I tried to use the URL to add the server.

Again after clicking OK I receive a different error message TF30335

Most solution on the Google friend point out to install Visual Studio SP1, Other mention to add the URL direct in the registry or install the hotfix “Visual Studio Team System 2008 Service Pack 1 Forward Compatibility Update for Team Foundation Server 2010”

I Already have VS2010 SP1 installed so started to install the hotfix. Finding that there was nothing to install?

First thing I had to do was reinstall Visual Studio 2008 SP1, it was installed prior installing Team Explorer 2008. Tried above steps again to see if it maybe already solved my problem. This was not the case. I tried the installation of the hotfix again, this time it did want to update VS2008 SP1.


After installing I started VS2008 again and first tried to connect to TFS2010 by only typing the server name in the Add server dialog box, again below error did appear.


The last try for now I typed the full URL in the Add Server Dialog Box hit OK and..


We have succeeded!! But are not there yet, when trying to add a new project from the Team Explorer TF20172 error is appearing, but that’s is for an other blob post.

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