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SharePoint 2010 Installation Configure Outgoing E-Mail

This blogs describe the installation of the SharePoint 2010 server in the below environment.


The basis of all installations is Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 64 Bits with all available updates installed until the 1 November 2010.

No rights can be taken from this documentation, you are still responsible for the correct configuration of your own environment. I only hope this document will help you with your implementation.

See previous blog: http://blog.arjanfraaij.com/2010/12/sharepoint-2010-installation.html

Configure SharePoint Outgoing E-Mail

All activities are done on the SHP01 Server logged in with the corp\shpsetup account and on central administration website http://shp01:12000 .

Outgoing E-Mail is used by SharePoint to send mail to end users on different occasions. Samples are Alerts, Request access, etc.

Configuring Exchange 2010

Create a Receive Connector on Exchange 2010 to handle the SharePoint 2010 outgoing Mail.

  1. Exchange activities are done on EX01 as domain administrator
  2. Launch the Exchange Management Console and navigate to Server Configuration / Hub Transport / New Receive Connector
  3. In the Action Pane click New Receive Connector
  4. The window named “New Receive Connector” appears
    1. Sub screen Introduction
      1. Name: SharePoint Outgoing E-Mail
      2. Select the intended use…: Custom
    2. Sub screen Local Network Settings
      1. Leave all Default and click Next
    3. Sub screen Remote Network Settings
      1. Click Edit
      2. Start Address: <SharePoint Servers IP>
      3. End Address: <SharePoint Servers IP>
      4. Click OK and Next
    4. Sub screen New Connector
      1. Click New
    5. Sub screen Completion
      1. Click Finish
  5. Select the just created Connector SharePoint Outgoing E-Mail
  6. In the Action pane click Properties
  7. Select Permission Groups tab
  8. Select Anonymous Users and click OK

Configure SharePoint 2010 Outgoing E-Mail

  1. Start Central Administration
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Select configure outgoing e-mail settings
  4. Outbound SMTP Server: EX01.CORP.LOCAL
  5. From address: sharepointmail.corp.local
  6. Reply-to address: sharepointmail.corp.local
  7. Click OK

Test SharePoint Outgoing E-Mail

As soon I have the entire environment up-and-running I will edit this blog post to show how you can test or the outgoing e-mail function is working.

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