maandag 15 november 2010

SQL11 (Denali) DFT Data Correction Task?


I was looking at the differences of SQL2008R2 & Denali SSIS. I did find some at first look. Really new seems to be the Data Flow Task Data Correction.

I don't seem to understaint it. Did you? I only seem to be able to produce errors trying to get it in my DFT. Books Online does not give any information yet about the task

See this pdf with errors en try. DFT Data Correction

Let me know what I'm doing wrong.
The tasks seems to be needing the: Data Quality Services. I did not find it anywhere during configuration of Denali, is it not availble yet in CTP1?

I found a next error that is related to the Data Correction services in my eventviewer:
Ssdqs Proxy Initialization failed. , where can I find configuration information on this services? Or even find the Services...

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